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Open-mouth Kraft Bags are manufactured.

To order Kraft bags: Kraft bag Send your picture. You can choose bag dimensions width* bag length* bag bottom  ... cm  Write down the bag dimensions. Please state the paper quality that you want to be used in bag manufacturing. Send picture or details of kraft bag folds. Write down the weight of the kraft paper and how many colors are printed. How many  notify you want kraft bag. What to put in the bag. How many kilograms will the Kraft Bag carry? In which climate will it be used.  Dry desert climate or  cold rainy climate and in which country, in which city it will be used.

Send the bag picture, If available  PDF  send your design. 

Specify Kraft Bag layers:  1st floor  .... , 2. kat .... , 3. kat ... , 4. kat ... , 5. floor ...  Write down the details.

Send the Kraft Bag dimensions. Bag width ... cm, Bag  Length ... cm, Bag bottom ... cm, If there is a valve, write the valve width ... cm.

Kraft Bags can be printed with up to 8 colors during production. Flexo printing method is used. Roll printing and roll bag making processes are applied.

Open Kraft Bag Sizes:

Kraft Bag width : 28 cm / 70 cm 

< span style="font-size: 1rem;">Kraft Bag size : 33 cm / 140 cm

Kraft Bag bottom: It can be produced in the range of 7 cm / 18 cm.

Various Kraft bag combinations:

Open Mouth Kraft Bag Features:  Layer examples.

A1. Coat can be white kraft, 70 gsm.

A2. Coat can be brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

A3. Layer HDPE 8 Micron

A4. Coat May be Brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

B1. Coat Can be Brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

B2. Coat May be brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

B3. Layer HDPE 8 Micron

B4. Coat Can be Brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

C1. Coat Can be Brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

C2. Layer HDPE 8 Micron

C3. Coat May be brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

D1. Coat can be white kraft, 70 gsm.

D2. Layer HDPE 8 Micron

D3. The coat can be Brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

Many kraft bag alternatives can be produced according to your needs.

Sectors where kraft bags are used:

Agricultural Sector kraft bags: kraft bags are used for the storage, transportation and storage of grains, seeds and agricultural products. Wheat bag, Flour bag, Corn bag, chickpea bag, bulgur  bag, starch bag, barley bag, sunflower seeds< span style="font-size: 1rem;"> bag, Seed bag, Fertilizer bag, waste  bag, leaf bag, general purpose kraft bags are manufactured.

Industrial kraft bags: Cement bags, construction chemicals bags, Chemical product bags, micronized product bags, coal bags, Gypsum bags,   kraft bags are produced for mining bags and general purpose use.