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Valve Kraft Bags are manufactured.

To order a construction chemical bag

Dimensions of Kraft Bags: Minimum / Maximum cm.

Valve bag width: 30 cm / 55 cm

Bag size with valve:   35 cm / 100 cm

Bag base with valve:  Can be produced in the range of 7 cm / 18 cm. Its base is wide and its valve may be narrower. Please specify dimensions.

Different combinations of Kraft valve bags are possible

A1. Coat can be White kraft, 70 gsm.

A2. Ply HDPE 8 Micron 

A3.  The coat can be brown kraft, 90-80-70 gsm.

Many kraft bag alternatives can be produced according to your needs. Please ask for information.

Cement and chemical industry valve kraft bags are manufactured.

Valve Kraft To order a bag Send the picture of the kraft bag, inform the dimensions of the bag you want in cm, width * length * base ... cm. In addition, the paper quality, paper weight, how many layers of bags you want, how many colors will be printed. Write how many colors are printed. How many kg will the bag carry and  how many will there be?