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Paper Sack Types: Cement, Chemical, Flour, Plaster and Milk Powder Bags

Valved Paper Sack: The Ideal Solution for Fast and Efficient Filling

In which sectors are Paper Sacks used in many areas especially used?
To summarize the sectors where the bags are used; We can list food bags as cement bags, construction chemical bags, plaster and mineral bags, chemical bags.

What are Sack Types?
1- Open Paper Sack: There are various methods for filling materials into bags according to these sectors. In some facilities, the products are filled into the bags manually, so they are filled as open bags, and then the mouth of the bag can be closed with sewing and similar methods in the facility.
2- Valved Paper Sack (Tubular Bag): In factories where automatic filling is performed, the machine that fills the bag quickly has a filling hose. Fast filling is done in seconds by attaching this hose to the valve part of the bag. Valfed bags also have holes spread over the bag to ensure fast automatic filling. These holes not only allow the air in the bag to be expelled quickly during filling, but also help the controlled release of the moisture that occurs while the material cools in the bag after the hot material filling.

What are the volumes of the bags?
If the volume is between 3kg and 50kg, they can be produced in special sizes according to special needs.
-Bags used for food are 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 25 Kg, 35 It can be manufactured in sizes to accommodate Kg, 50 Kg material.
-Cement bags are produced in sizes that can be filled with 5 Kg, 25 Kg, 35 Kg, 40 Kg, 50 Kg cement. It can also be produced in industrial sizes that can be filled with 10 Kg, 25 Kg, 30 Kg material.
-Construction Chemicals packages 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 25 Kg, 35 Kg sizes can be produced.
-For Chemical Products, 5 Kg, 10 Kg sizes can be produced with PP handle, other 20 Kg, 25 Kg, 35 Kg sizes can be produced with open mouth or valve.

How are the Layers of Paper Sacks?
Produced from Kraft paper paper bag  They can be produced as 2, 3 or 4 layers. These floors; They can be produced as outer layer of white or brown kraft + middle layer of HDPE + PE + inner layer of brown kraft. The number of layers is selected according to the material to be placed in the bag, and the color of the outer layer can be selected according to the print design. For example, as food packaging is produced from 2 layers of Kraft paper, while lime For materials such as gypsum, 3-layer Kraft + HDPE + Kraft paper material is used due to moisture sensitivity.

How are Paper Sacks Printed?
A separate cliché is created for each color according to the graphic design of the bag. Although these clichés are produced to be reusable, they can be changed after several hundred thousand prints due to wear.

What are the papers and materials used in bag production?
Brown kraft paper (brown kraft) : 70, 80 or 90 gsm
White kraft paper: 70, 80 or 90 gsm
HDPE: 8 Micron

In Turkey What can we say about the paper industry?

Turkey is one of the world's largest manufacturers of paper products. The country's paper production has been increasing steadily over the past decade, with total production reaching 4.31 million tons last year. This corresponds to approximately 4.3 percent of the total paper production in the world. is supported. This industry is highly competitive and modernized as well as at the cutting edge of technological innovation. Newspaper, cardboard, writing, printing, special products and packaging paper are among Turkey's most important paper products in terms of production. and kraft paper types are produced in different quantities.

Given its strategic position, Turkish paper manufacturers have access to the large regional market of European, Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries and the rapidly growing Asian and African markets. In addition, Turkey has both a developed transport and communication infrastructure and a large well-educated workforce. All these factors contribute to the country's overall competitive position in the global paper industry.

To ensure the further development of the industry, the Turkish government has taken a number of legislative measures. These include the Specialty Paper Act, which interacts with other laws such as the Forestry Regulation Act and the Precious Paper Regulations to provide adequate support to the industry.

Overall, the papermaking industry in Turkey has seen steady growth in production over the past decade. . This has been attributed to the industry's competitive advantages and the government's support in providing comprehensive industry-focused policies. Turkish paper manufacturers, which constantly focus on modernizing their practices and benefiting from its wide regional market, will reap great profits in the coming years.

Kraft bags, kraft paper It is a type of packaging made of material and used for various industrial and commercial purposes. Kraft bags in brown or white stand out as a durable and environmentally friendly packaging option. Kraft bag has many advantages:


Kraft bags are made of kraft paper material produced from natural wood fiber. Therefore, it is a recyclable packaging solution and helps to conserve natural resources. It is also a more environmentally friendly option compared to plastic bags.


Kraft paper is a strong and durable material. Kraft bags have the ability to carry weighted products and are resistant to tearing or breaking. This ensures safe and sound transportation of products.

Flexibility and Diversity:

Kraft bags can be produced in different sizes and shapes. Besides the standard brown or white kraft bags, customized colors and designs can also be made. Additionally, custom prints, logos, or brand names can be added to the bags so you can promote your brand or products.


Kraft bags are often compared to other packaging alternatives. is more cost effective. It offers an economical option due to both the affordable cost of the kraft paper material used in the production process and the fact that they can usually be produced in large quantities.

Multi-Purpose Use:

Kraft bags, It is used in many different sectors and businesses. They are widely used in many fields from the food and retail sector to the construction and industrial sector. They can be used in the packaging of many different products such as cement, plaster, flour, fertilizer, coffee, tea.

Kraft bags are preferred as a natural, durable and environmentally friendly packaging solution. As Türk Kraft, we produce high quality kraft bags. By offering kraft bags in different sizes and designs, we offer solutions to our customers according to their needs.


Paper Sack

Frequently Asked Questions

As Türk Kraft, we produce kraft bags made of kraft paper and used for packaging industrial materials such as cement and plaster.

We can produce bags from brown kraft and white kraft paper.

Valve bags are bags designed for rapid filling of products such as chemical powders. Yes, as Türk Kraft, we can also produce valved bags.

We usually make our bags from single or double layers of kraft paper. In some cases, we can also produce 3-ply bags by adding hdpe plastic as an inner layer.

As Türk Kraft, we produce bags for the needs of many industries such as cement, chemicals, adhesives, flour, plaster, milk powder, fertilizer, cocoa, food, seeds.

The cement bag is ideal for packaging cement used in places such as the cement industry and the construction industry. It can also be used for packaging other industrial materials such as plaster.

Our adhesive bags are specially designed for the storage and transportation of adhesive products. It has properties such as impermeability and durability.

You should prefer food bags that are suitable for food products. These bags are a safe and hygienic option for protecting food products.

Valved kraft bags are designed for fast filling and easy handling. It is suitable for filling products such as chemical powders and keeps the products fresh.

Our cocoa bags are specially designed for packaging products in powder form, such as cocoa. Our bags preserve the freshness and aroma properties of cocoa powder while preserving the quality of the product.

Yes, as Türk Kraft, we can customize our bags according to customer requests. We can meet the demands such as printing, size and custom design.

We provide a minimum production of 10,000 pieces for standard sizes. Minimum order quantity may vary depending on product and customization. When you send us the details of your order, we can inform you about the minimum quantity.

The carrying capacity of our bags varies according to the bag size and the number of layers, but in general, it varies between 1-30 kilograms. However, we can offer different carrying capacities according to your demands.

Yes, our bags are eco-friendly. Kraft paper is easy to recycle and is a natural material. In addition, we have an HDPE inner layer option to minimize the use of plastic.

Our bags generally do not have moisture-proof properties. However, we can add moisture barrier coatings or inner layers upon special requests.

As Türk Kraft, we export our products to every region of Turkey and to international markets. 

Yes, you can request sample bags. When you send us your sample bag request, we can direct a customer representative to assist you.